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Curbing the challenges of insecurity in Enugu state

Insecurity is a social vice that denotes the absence of safety. When the external business environment is not safe for business owners, the growth and objectives of their businesses cannot be achieved. Insecurity can come in various forms like property theft, burgling, robbery and money laundering. When a business environment is internally insecure, factors can be easily monitored and combated. However, when the factors that affect the safety of the business environment are external, much of the work in terms of implementing recommendations, are in the hands of government and relevant stakeholders. 

Security is not just an intrinsic aspect of development but also an essential precondition for sustainable development. Under the threat of widespread violence and crime, businesses and social institutions cannot function effectively and efficiently and business owners cannot plan for the future and investors cannot invest their money.

Security of life and property is a fundamental component for ensuring the widest possible participation of key players (stakeholders) in the overall economic development and growth of any state.

In Enugu state, the business sector and its environs is still being plagued with issues of insecurity and exorbitant security level. This issue has endangered the business environment making the ease of doing business a fantasy. The experience of citizens and businesses in terms of security incidents and security awareness can become a major obstacle to business s development and growth.

According to the Enugu State Business Agenda, as at December 2019, 73.7% of business owners confirmed that security situation has improved in Enugu state and it is evident in the reduction of robbery and kidnaping cases. This statistics however, does not guarantee a total secured business environment. The nationwide lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic has increased the rate of unemployment and poverty which will invariably result to an increase in criminal activities. And for a state like Enugu have in times past experienced a consistent uprising in criminal activities, penetrating back into the business environment will not be so difficult.

As businesses are gradually reopening and functioning in the new normal structure and guidelines, they are also faced with increasing security risks daily.

Governments, citizens and businesses are stakeholders in the area of security whether at the national, state or local levels. The Enugu State Business Agenda recommended that the government of the state should create more security posts at strategic locations and install functional streetlights in the major roads and security risk paths. There is also need for the various tiers of the government, security agencies, civil society organizations, media and members of the public to collectively cooperate via a well-represented task force that meet regularly to brainstorm on security issues in order to sustain existing peace for the benefit of all. A climate of peace will increase economic activities and social well-being of the people of the state.

Adequate and urgent attention needs to be given to these recommendations to combat the security threat in the business environment.

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