Enugu Coalition of Business and Professional Associations (ECOBPA) started in July 2008 as Enugu Business Forum (EBF), a loose association of professional and business associations.
It was an initiative of the leadership of the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA), and based on the need to have a common platform for business and professional associations to articulate and pursue common business issues and agenda to improve the business environment in Enugu State.





Every Business Association or Professional Body that is recognized by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and duly registered by the CAC in accordance with the provisions of the CAMA 1990 is qualified to register as a member of the Coalition.

 Registration Procedure

Intending Business Association or Professional Associations wishing to join the Coalition shall write formally to the Coalition via the Chairman/Secretary, and C/o ECCIMA Secretariat, indicating interest through the filling of our membership form to be issued by the Secretariat.  You can also obtain and fill the E-membership application form on our website. Local Communicating Committee (LCC) shall accept or reject such application based on its merit as indicated in Article B (1) above.

 Categories of Membership

All members of the Coalition are equal and there shall be no preferential treatment(s) / condition(s) of one against the other.

 Membership Responsibilities/Duties

  1. Regular attendance at formally convened meeting(s).
  2. Payment of levies, dues, subscriptions, etc. as duly agreed upon.
  3. Full participation in the Coalition’s programmes and activities
  4. Desisting from actions that will be against the Coalition’s objectives and principles.
  5. Promoting the Coalition in the community and during attendance at meetings.

 Membership Sanctions/Discipline

  1. Voluntary withdrawal, at the request of the concerned Association / professional body, is allowed.
  2. A member of the Coalition may be asked to withdraw following involvement of activities, which are considered to be harmful to the interest and image of the Coalition by a simple majority vote of the members.
  3. A member may also be asked to withdraw following the involvement of voluntary criminal action(s) by the head of an association/professional body, as a representative of his primary association.

 Membership Benefits/Privileges (Welfare)

  1. Enjoyment of the Coalition’s support on issues challenging the various associations and professional bodies.
  2. Regular provision of relevant information about the programmes and activities of the Coalition.
  3. Participation in drafting the legislative and business agenda of the Coalition for advocacy purposes towards policy refund as it affects the association/professional body.
  4. Participation in programmes and events of the Coalition is open to all members. The number of participants from every association/professional body shall be established depending on the actual event, organizer and sponsor(s).
  5. Every member is entitled to be mentioned on the Coalition’s Website, to have a link to its own website, thereby being promoted with the support of the Coalition.
  6. Members are entitled to mention such affiliations (i.e. proof of belonging to the Coalition) in their promotional materials with contact information.
  7. Depending on actual interests, the Coalition may create partnerships with other organizations or representatives of International Agencies